About Us & Our Mission

Turn In is a non-profit organization founded by a retired 20-year fire fighter paramedic who was introduced to meditation as a way to calm his mind. He immediately benefited from the effects and was compelled to share the practice with others. Turn In offers first responders coping methods to deal with the effects of critical incidents and trauma calls experienced during their career. We teach first responders how to calm their minds and find the power of peace through meditation and other mindfulness practices. Our goal is to help first responders quiet their minds, create wellness and develop a renewed sense of control in their lives.


"PTSD is not something that you are cured of, you are affected by it for the duration of your life. The beautiful take away from my experience is that I now have the tools necessary to deal with PTSD and can lead a loving, peaceful, productive life.

— Brian, Turn In Participant


Day after day, year after year, the toll of responding to traumatic medical, fire, and police calls, combined with lack of sleep, leads many first responders into a prolonged state of depression and anxiety. To suppress the stream of mental anguish, first responders often turn to substance abuse, explosive and angry responses toward loved ones, nightmares and recounting traumatic calls which include: child fatalities, gruesome suicides and grieving families. Sadly, many nationwide studies have concluded that we lose more fire fighters annually to suicide than line of duty deaths.

The primary mission of Turn In is to help active duty and retired first responders strengthen their minds through meditation. Turn In sponsors first responders to attend wellness retreats free of charge. The retreat equips first responders with mediation, tools to quiet their minds, healthier alternatives, and a renewed sense of control.